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odilitime Board owner 03/12/2017 (Sun) 00:33:58 [Preview] No. 5782
>>>/intr/ was just flooded, exposing many critical flaws in LynxChan. StephenLynx is aware and working on a fix. I've taken over as BO and turned Captchas on.

BOs please make sure you have some sort of flood protection enabled: hourly creation limit, block-bypass, etc
Edited last time by odilitime on 03/12/2017 (Sun) 00:49:51.

Anonymous 03/12/2017 (Sun) 01:17:10 [Preview] No. 5783 del
Tried giving the board back to the BO, but he disabled captcha immediately. So he's in on it.

Anonymous 03/12/2017 (Sun) 01:27:20 [Preview] No. 5784 del
No shit he's in on it. Is this your first time dealing with these autists?
They are cancer to every site they infest, they hate imageboard culture and use imageboards to destroy it.
Just fucking remove them. Spam is NOT free speech.

Anonymous 03/12/2017 (Sun) 01:27:43 [Preview] No. 5785 del
And it's fucking killing the site we 504chan nao.

Anonymous 03/12/2017 (Sun) 01:52:42 [Preview] No. 5786 del
(15.45 KB 377x410 Oldman.PNG)
I'd only ask that before someone gets the bright idea to make a 'no spam' rule - just have some form of flooding protection enabled by default on all boards if it gets too hard on the site infrastructure.

Anonymous 03/12/2017 (Sun) 02:01:14 [Preview] No. 5787 del
When we asked you to remove rule 2, you said that /intr/ could be an exception. The herd is not "in on" the spam war against us just because we don't delete it or add captchas.

It would have been smarter to say "no, the rules are the rules" from the beginning. You will regret this fam.

Anonymous 03/12/2017 (Sun) 03:46:39 [Preview] No. 5788 del
(44.64 KB 750x591 wrong kiddo.jpg)
>Spam is NOT free speech

odilitime Board owner 03/12/2017 (Sun) 07:34:39 [Preview] No. 5789 del
While that would be easy, I think we'd be a better imageboard if we didn't mark people as undesirable.

Almost anything can be free speech but we explicitly DO NOT make any claims about free speech any where on our site. We do try to allow as much free speech as we see possible.

(rule 2 is cp, but I know you meant rule 3). >>>/intr/ can still be an exception.
We are temporarily suspending the flooding except due to a software bug. It is totally our fault and I apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as we have this bug patched up, your board will be returned and you can do whatever.

We can't have you turn off captchas when this bug is impacting the entire site. This is affecting all users and lurkers. Including affecting the other sites that are on the machine.

Do you think we need a new rule that says we can create any rule in emergency situations when user behavior is affecting global site operations?

Anonymous 03/12/2017 (Sun) 11:51:57 [Preview] No. 5790 del
Best solution: Purge /intr/ and tell them to fuck off to Freech or goonsalon.

Anonymous 03/13/2017 (Mon) 00:08:25 [Preview] No. 5791 del
There is no reason NOT to mark genuine undesirables as undesirable.
/int*/ hates imageboard culture, why would you let them stay on this imageboard?

Anonymous 03/13/2017 (Mon) 00:10:22 [Preview] No. 5792 del
>Do you think we need a new rule that says we can create any rule in emergency situations when user behavior is affecting global site operations?
No, I think we need a "no /int*/" rule, that's it. They're a destructive element masquerading as anons, they need to go.

Anonymous 03/13/2017 (Mon) 00:59:16 [Preview] No. 5793 del
You could just have mandatory block bypasses tho.

Anonymous 03/13/2017 (Mon) 01:11:37 [Preview] No. 5794 del
I am not so sure they are obligated to fuck with /pol/ but I mean more of them have shown an interest in the site than /pol/lacks. You look at /am/ and /AM/. They are a part of that clique and they are an example of how its neutral. I do find the preachyness annoying but other than that unless they have decided to fuck with us like the freech raid or how they vowed to destroy 8chan; it is not neccisary. This is something they did to use their board.

My point is this saying we need to eradicate them only makes them more en-grained into the boards. To the point 8chan is constantly falling for their bait threads and shit.

anubi 03/13/2017 (Mon) 07:10:05 [Preview] No. 5795 del
Shit ive been a little inactive but i see spammers are at it again. Thought we already went past this issue?

Anonymous 03/13/2017 (Mon) 07:53:22 [Preview] No. 5796 del
this is a little different. Flooding a board that allow flooding with a rotating IP, so no basic rate limiting broke LynxChan is such a way that it created over 200 pages of threads and the software was dying trying to update all those pages with each new post. Pretty impressive.

anubi 03/13/2017 (Mon) 09:26:03 [Preview] No. 5797 del
>>5796 i see, thanks for explaining the situation

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 09:58:16 [Preview] No. 5802 del
>muh int boogeyman
>when /intr/ is owned by yozam
>everyone hates yozam except for yozam
>he is so anti-intl he fully wiped /intb/ on freech
>muh intreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


odilitime Board owner 03/15/2017 (Wed) 12:11:58 [Preview] No. 5806 del
ok lynxchan has been upgraded and BO restored.

Anonymous 03/15/2017 (Wed) 12:32:29 [Preview] No. 5807 del
> more of them have shown an interest in the site than /pol/lacks.

Quantity over qaulity then? Isn't that the /int*/ creed?

Spam is not free speech, it's free shit. T notion of SPEECH means ideas that resonate. **The founding fathers who coined the idea, and that of "equal rights between men of colony and men of royalty", wouldn't give two fucks about spam. They would if they were alive, waste /int*/ and all their ilk. And the Barbary pirates as well. Thanks BO for this place.

Anonymous 03/15/2017 (Wed) 15:14:37 [Preview] No. 5808 del
The key to understanding /int*/ is that there's no appeasing them.
If we imagine the internet as a continet. /int*/ are the nomadic tribe, you can pay tribute and become their vassal by becoming a "free board", but you can't become their ally., only submit.

As for the rest, the ones that live by rules and sweat of their brow, they'll violently rape and scourge everything, not because of ulterior motives, but because that's their way of life.

You can't rape them back, you'll be playing by their rules and thus losing.
They're the ultimate villain, spawned from the depths of somethingwaful, reddit, 4chan and st.Hitler knows what other shithole.

Anonymous 03/15/2017 (Wed) 16:30:42 [Preview] No. 5809 del
You're not a quality poster, you're a whiner.

Anonymous 03/15/2017 (Wed) 16:53:14 [Preview] No. 5810 del
>guys not allowing free speech is k because we never said we allowed it in the first place :DD

Anonymous 03/15/2017 (Wed) 17:39:25 [Preview] No. 5811 del
>As soon as we have this bug patched up, your board will be returned and you can do whatever.

Better than what freech is offering tbh

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