Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 20:28:31 No.8021 del
>Today Endchan is 2 years old.
Why should we celebrate the 2 year birthday of a fucking honeypot?
>Sorry feeling a bit down atm but I wanted to say something to commemorate this event. This isn't quite what I'd normally write for an event like this but it'll do. I had actually considered using this landmark to officially quit but I just can't. I love this community too much to put them in someone else's hands. I've put too much work in and fought too many battles to call it quits now. But it's been really hard being the only active admin, doing all the sysadmin and coding. This really is a labor of love.
"I am going to tell them all that I thought of quitting, but stayed because I love them, and my reputation is going to improve :^)".
>We've had success with am, ggrevolt, tech, pol, librejp, news and sp
"Success" defined as the active and efficient collection of data from posters.
>We've had our domains taken away and we've gotten our main back
You somehow conveniently got it back... Not suspicious at all!
>Several attacks and we're still standing
"Look goyim, our website is stable, you can trust us to protect your information"!
>We've implemented a lot of features
>We've made mistakes and hopefully we've proved that we've learned from them.
"We fuck up from time to time goyim, but we fix our mistakes because we greatly care about you!"
>Running a site like this is a never ending job that can feel thankless especially when dealing with haters
"But I still do it because I care about you goy and those haters are just paranoid trolls!"

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