Anonymous 11/27/2017 (Mon) 18:56:36 No.7662 del
I would like to report the following problem @ /news/. Yes, there is a spammer trying to ruin the /news/ board.

"Just a heads up, I have been a major anonymous contributer to this news board over the last few months. Whoever is posting all the Indian threads does it for one reason: he does it to slide all the other relevant up-to-date controversial news that has been posted. I know this because this spammer did THE EXACT SAME THING over at 8chan's news boards. He is also known as "the crab spammer." Thats what other anons referred to him as. Same operation, same guy. He would post endless crab 'news' threads to flood the board and slide all the other news so anons would not be able to see the other news.

The SAME THING that happened to 8chan is now happening here. It is the same dickhead with the same style and this asshole is laughing about it - guaranteed!"


"Not only was the indian "poo in the loo" spammer also posting crab threads to slide all other news reports: it was the same spammer who posted all the propane spam threads too (remember all the king of the hill memes?). A very unique individual with a specific pattern; easy to identify him over his obsessions and the style of his posts. Not only was every topic simply identical, they were routinely posted in such a way to keep other the other news slided and hidden.

8chan suffered a great demise over this spammer and 8ch/pol/ happened to come out on top because they were the only ones who banned this spammer. Hmmmmmmm... how ironic.... ;)"