Anonymous 09/07/2017 (Thu) 01:18:38 No. 7030 del
This is not the way imageboards are constructed. Imageboards are based on transience, on impermanence of discussions. So, instead of having a centralized threads, were voting and opinion poll would benefit, the decision is made my decentralization of threads.
On Reddit, for example, you generally have few threads, with many replies. This way to construct a discussion community really benefit from voting systems.
On imageboards, however, it does not, because instead of few threads with many replies, the opposite happens: if a thread becomes biased towards a specific subject inside the thread OP, some anon will "nuclearise" the subject into others (more specific) threads.
That's why imageboards don't have voting systems.
Someone should do a wikipedia page about this, so we don't need this discussion anymore...