Anonymous 07/17/2017 (Mon) 10:22:18 No. 6788 del
well i think i need to say then. this guy: >>6784

odili all you need to know about this guy is he is called "hitler spammer" or "schlomoko".
all he said against me is he himself.
he is mentally sick man who spams each thread with clusters of pictures and screenshots taken out of context and he derails each conversation. he is also accusing pretty much everyone to be a jew and and posts red text.

non of what he says you can trust because its manipulated bs and he is usually ignored like we ignored him in this thread.

here on this thread you can see how he is acting:
1.) he found this thread after someone licked it in the /pol/meta.
2.) he spammed hitler to make it look like he likes hiter. through this he thinks people believe he is from /pol/
he adds some screnshots which he took out of context to present one side of the narrative.
next me and ocolette ignore him so he starts getting upset trying to drag attantion to him with multiple posts:

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