#sj7DAl 07/17/2017 (Mon) 01:46:25 No. 6782 del
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odili are you here? can you please remove ocolette all together. our board has simply crashed and this guy is not logging in anymore.

he just wants to keep ownership without reading his own board, nor caring for it, nor logging in (he even admitted it a month ago). i personally left 8/pol/ because of shit like this: [pic related] - this supposed to be a webm thread.
every second thread looks now like this and the rest of the threads are locked trumptard threads hanging in the catalog.

everyone who comes to our board leaves it right away because it looks worse than abandoned.
/pol/ should have been a global board like /v/ and /b/ and not run by kiddies.
if ocolette wants his own reddit space kiddie board, he can make one.

end/pol/ literally has become everything it stood against.