##bGHwCp 06/21/2017 (Wed) 01:58:46 No. 6559 del
>And then you invite redditors by saying "reddit spacing is not that bad"
No, there are other behaviors that reddit fucks exhibit that would likely weed them out.

>The screencap is exposing you, no need to try to weasel yourself out of the mess.
>next post is poorly edited MSpaint screencaps.
>reddit spacing is a good thing
Yeah, I don't give half a fuck about "reddit spacing"
People on 8/pol/ have said I was reddit spacing before for typing like I have been ITT. I've never used reddit and am disdainful of the very concept of a site that only lets 'approved' content see the light of day.

And when it was deleted you spammed "HITLER IS A ROTHSCHILD BASTARD" with your fucked up filenames.

>rather a 3rd party guy, so i thought it was maybe the guy who accused me to be a Buddhist and /endpol owner. It was not him either but a someone hiding on Tor.
>expecting me to believe this shit
You're saying you were framed yes?

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