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(154.16 KB 1071x700 RPD0513.jpg)
Anyway that's enough evidence and I got him now.


end/pol/ is owned by a slimy REDDIT SHILL.
So far this guy was weaseling himself through lying and shitting up the board in a very, very sneaky way.
Ocolette is a former reddit user who purposefully employed (((RPD))) as all information on (((RPD))) was available on day 1 and shown in the 1st meta thread of /pol/.
High likely Ocolette was banned from b8/pol/ for reddit spacing and went to end/pol/, where he claimed the board some few months ago.
He himself is unfamiliar with /pol/ nor does he knows what /pol/ is about and most of his actions and strange behavior do support that claim. After (((RPD))) messed up the board entirely, ocolette reached his goal of getting rid of the former user base of /pol/ and crashed the board completely.

End/pol/ is compromised to keep it disabled. The major goal was to ruin it, as this board was the only board out there having specific posters here, telling specific information.
Ocolettes goal was
-to infiltrate the userbase
-create the image of being a "good guy"
-getting rid of former users

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