#sj7DAl 06/20/2017 (Tue) 23:47:14 No. 6554 del
> and am not interested in policing formatting here.
And then you invite redditors by saying "reddit spacing is not that bad"
The screencap is exposing you, no need to try to weasel yourself out of the mess.

> "HITLER WAS A ROTHSCHILD BASTARD" and pictures of people shitting.
No I didn't.
I did posted on the "HITLER WAS A ROTHSCHILD BASTARD" thread but I never said Hiter was a rotschild bastard. I said his grandma Schicklgruber is probably of jewish ancestry and I argued about it with Schlomoko. While Schlomoko never really presented any evidence other than that BS clap from Stormfront, I did showed a lot of evidence and original sources to back up my claims.
Anything other than that was not me.

>You have called the Hither poster and several people in the meta-thread that are not Hitler poster "Schlomoko"
The only moment I was thinking other people are the Hitler spammer is when someone on Tor pretended to be me and spammed Niggers. I though it could have been Schlomoko himself but I was sure it was not him but rather a 3rd party guy, so i thought it was maybe the guy who accused me to be a Buddhist and /endpol owner. It was not him either but a someone hiding on Tor.

You are fucking dumb like brick you retard. What part of "I don't have Tor on my PC" you don't understand? Is it so hard to gasp that anyone on Tor could take any identity to spam from any aspect while role playing any person?
Are you this dumb?

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