#sj7DAl 06/20/2017 (Tue) 21:15:24 No. 6549 del
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12 years old "girls" are considered as grown up. Until 130 years ago England allowed marriage of 10 years old.
It was always that way until jews took over the western world and twisted rules over western countries to kill the birth rate of white people to flood western countries with lowest tier shit skin immigrants.

90% of chan users are lolicons. You are a minority and it shows you are rather a reddit twat who likes reddit spacing.
This is why you managed your board into worst unpopularity.
The reason odili does not want to get this chan involved into it, is because the (((host))) would probably kick him off. He also wanted to avoid pedo spam, it did not worked out though, because this chan is full of daily real pedo spam anyway.

>I was told you posted something that could be a dost violation
It wasn't. What I posted was deleted anyway and I did not post it again.

>By the time Him and Hitler Poster
As always you have no idea what's going on on your board. Hitler spammer is Schlomoko.

>you'd already made a problem of yourself.
How? I wasn't banned nor was did I spammed anything. How is that a problem?

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