#sj7DAl 06/20/2017 (Tue) 19:04:12 No. 6540 del
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>No, I banned you for being a specific user that has spammed the board before
Your board was spammed because you enabled a shit mod known77IQ, who was up to destroy the board. That guys was a silly newfag and rulecuck, he did not even know simple chan terminology.
This guys lashed out at me and other people and went on a banning-spree later on. You took his side to ban me for no real reason (omg shitty 2D loli) and then you flip-flopped against him and kicked him.
Same shit with (((RPD))).
First you allowed him to become a mod, even through I warned you - he was not qualified. Then you took his side to ban me again and you told him to do "whatever the fuck he wants" and then you flip-flopped and kicked him same as knownIQ77.

The name "ocelotte" does not suit you.
You are fucking kike weasel. You change your opinion each 3 days like your do with your underwear.

You and your girlfriend (>>6536) in the meta talk about quality of /pol/ and low PPH. Look up the recent posts and threads - there is no quality nor PPH. And don't try to blame me again because I barely posted on your now dead board outside of the meta for about a month. During (((RPD's))) reign I made 4 threads of which 2 were deleted by him and the other two not, because they were about Trump and his administration and (((RPD))) only accepts Trumptard related articles.
And stop whining about "muh IRL", even when I was top busy, I always found the time to log in and check out out conditions.