Anonymous 06/15/2017 (Thu) 17:36:49 No. 6475 del
My two cents.

My impression is the majority of users are under 18 throughout every westernized chan in existence. This bit of apparent legerdemain rulecuckery is but a convenient compromise. Its purpose is not to cull the userbase, its purpose is to leash up and reign in the ignorant assholes striving to eliminate chan culture.

A common fault of youth bends an ear to siren calls of such pseudo morality and ethical tautology, believing in some need to make toothless regulations reflect reality. Herein all you shall find is a regimented tar pit of ignorant assholes waiting to do battle over meaningless points of honor. What to do? With tongue in cheek and an eye wink, wave vaguely at the rules (why yes, I am over eighteen!) and pass on.

Someday none of this will matter to you personally, and you will thank yourself for ignoring such convenient stupidity. Wait long enough and you may find your children thanking you for bequeathing the same system as well.

TLDR: find another cause; choose another battlefield.