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We're trying to avoid ads. We have one android app currently:

Ok, why is it bad? How can we make it better? Buttons/links too small? Zoom problems? For bonus point include some screenshots.

>Does the ridiculously high 350 MB file size affect the server cost?
Yes and no. It does effect the cost because we have to have a 2nd disk of the same size for RAID1 and then we have to back it up. Even with 350 MB files and being online over 1 year, we've never hit 1TB nor had to run the vacuum script. 1TB drives are so cheap these days, it's hard to find anything smaller (for example the old server we're leaving has 8tb hard drives). Also we got such a great deal on our new set up, it's hard to compete with the value.

>There aren't any cheaper servers you can find?
In the short term, yes. We looked at VPSes, $35/mo for 1TB but it was with a provider that fucked us over originally, so I didn't feel confident they're not going to increase that price either. The are other providers will cheap solutions but we ran out of time to research and vet them. Plenty of shit-tier VPS providers that over ratio their boxes and have lots of problems (See troubles with NextChan, LibreChan, Kiwifarms and 8ch.pl)
In the long term, no. This lease to own option allows us to purchase the server hardware (a very nice dual hexcore box) at $20/mo more than we were paying previously for our dedicated server. In a year this will allow us to have really nice hardware and drop our costs to VPS levels.

>Can you replace all existing animated GIFs with thumbnails so they don't auto-play when people load the page to reduce a bit of unnecessary bandwidth usage

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