Anonymous 02/26/2017 (Sun) 22:49:20 No. 5748 del

The comments on the amazon page above (notice all this lcass of amazon style teccchh tards agglomerate not just tech but humans and their talking of buying things hah) show how nixers lost the ball to android people.

Very simply put I would rather have a difficulty +1 device that is a computer, even if its not touchscreen to fondle, or large screen, and even if its just a shitty risc processor, I want a computer, that is modular, not android/applestyle production line from Chinese Foxconned workers who get not right to leap from the rooves to their deaths.

To have a -1 device later iterative (as the comments describe it was 5500 then androidshits) that is not a computer, but which is a TARD TO TARD FONE DEVICE, is not an upgrade-based iterative. Notice good old POTS copper was ripped out by the same FIOS type shitheads, now all fios does i make your landline go dead when the power flattens and the batteries run dry, fucking great tactical upgrade dipshits.