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>Well, I just feel a big image in the middle of a text post would just cause a problem.

Basically what happens on 8chan if you embed a video it precludes any images being posted, it isn't placed in the middle of the post in the text, rather off to the side in the same manner an image is.

>And we can't put it in the media slot... well maybe we can, I'll look into it.

Consider doing a little digging into 8chan/vichan's code-I don't imagine it's all that hard. While I'm a layman so take my guess with a grain of salt I would assume it's just an 'IF' statement that swaps the <div> that normally displays image(s) at variable dimensions with a <div> that displays an embedded youtube video with static dimensions.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=NAS70o1sLRI [Embed]