Balrog Board volunteer 01/11/2017 (Wed) 21:07:59 No. 5557 del
For the record, in the earliest phase when the goal was to onboard the non-shit people from 8chan as quickly and smoothly as possible before Next dropped and scattered everyone, I had considered some kind of scraping setup to help content-dump-centric boards (e.g. /pdf/) get back up to speed. That sort of fell by the wayside when the plan to give 8chan BOs first dibs on their boards on endchan (again, to try and skip the period of anarchy post-Next) was met with a resounding "fuck you" and the exodus died.

While I would normally be at least a bit concerned about the ethics of scraping boards wholesale, in my opinion 8chan has decayed to the point where the staff is beyond any consideration of ethics or mercy. Fuck Watkins and everything he touches, any questions of ethics lie with the community of the board to be scraped.

The real issue with scraping (and transferring 8chan boards to endchan intact as a prerequisite) would be global staff picking winners and losers and giving 8chan communities a head start. Again, I tried that (the only boards that actually got to take advantage were /tg/ and /monster/, since I went to them first to provide a low-cancer vanguard; they've still kept endchan as their primary bunker) and the immediate reaction over here was "fuck 8gaggers, let them come here on their own and rise or fall on their own merits." So it would really be up to the community here to decide if it's worth it. If it's decided to be a good idea it would be like the early plan.
>8chan board owner verifies with a capcode post that they do own /foo/
>we run migration script on 8chan's /foo/ pointing to endchan's /foo/
>8chan board owner has ownership of endchan /foo/ transferred to their endchan moderator account