Anonymous 01/11/2017 (Wed) 05:32:32 No. 5554 del
just my 2c, but i doubt they would want to make this an official feature of endchan and place it on account.js moderator page for everyone to use due to feature bloat and liability reasons. Frankly your code would be for a very special case and they seem to be keen on keeping the codebase as lean as possible.

on the other hand, i do think it would be very nice of them if they were to allow this as an "unofficial" option where 8chan board owners can privately request the endchan staff to migrate their 8chan board's threads to the corresponding endchan board by sending them the ripped data (name, date, post #, files, etc.)

so i do think it would be a neat option, and you should still write your board ripping program that rips and formats the relevant data from the static html mod pages and then write the migration script so that data can be migrated to infinitynow/lynxchan. but don't expect this kind of thing to ever become an official feature, it just seems to me a very special case that would have to be something endchan staff does manually, if they're even willing. also, i don't know how much 8chan's codebase is changing, but it could potentially be a nightmare to maintain this ripper+migrator since 8chan is not open source and you don't always know what changes behind the scenes.