Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 22:41:48 No. 4917 del
Well, that sucks.

I was introduced to Endchan while looking for a bunker during the Infinity Next transition fiasco. Endchan had the best features, with the best look and feel of the options I considered. I liked it so much I made a play to get the userbase of one board to permanently migrate, but no joy.

I've seen dialup BBSes, the first commercial online services, Usenet groups, all sorts of forums, and many an image board bite the digital dust. You can hold your heads up high as you've done better than most. If you can keep this place running with reduced infrastructure please do so.

If I may ask here, what happens now with InfinityNow/LynxChan?

Also, have you considered taking on another partner? Splitting the cost three ways @ $200 per quarter might be doable.