Looking for feedback for 1.7 StephenLynx##8HkpNt 06/15/2016 (Wed) 13:21:33 No. 4585 del
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So far this is what I implemented for 1.7:

SFW threads are shown on both NSFW and SFW overboards instead of just the SFW overboard. Displaying them only on the SFW overboard was kind of punishing, since these boards were already going out of their way to filter NSFW content and being pushed out of the main overboard
Improved how the original filename link works, so it uses the download feature of links instead of relying on routing. So now you only have to click on the link to download the file with the original filename. Not only that, but now your browser will be able to use the cache of the file if you already have it
Now small animated PNG's are thumbnailed instead of being directly embedded to the pages
Added a global setting for maximum message length along with a label indicating what is the maximum message length allowed
Implemented textboards, allowing board owners to decide if their boards allow files at all or not
Put back extensions on uploaded files. Thumbnails remain extensionless though
Added total amount of files and their combined size to the global stats that can be displayed on the site's front-page
Added several missing pieces of information to the JSON version of pages
Now content deletion gives a feedback on how many threads and posts were deleted instead of just informing if the operation succeeded
Now board staff can use IP deletion too. Naturally only content from their boards are deleted when using this feature
Added narrow range bans. Until 1.6, you can only create range bans based on the first half of the ip (16 bits for ipv4 and 64bits for ipv6). Now you can create range bans that use 3/4ths of the ip, meaning that you can create range bans with less collateral damage
Made bans easier. Now if you don't provide an expiration or provide an invalid expiration for bans it will default to 5 years from the current date and global staff no longer have to fill a captcha for bans
Added a colored background for ids on posts. That was kind of a hack, since I had to hard-code the value for the style attribute on the back-end. But I think it's tolerable, so I'll see how it goes
Now animated gif thumbnails can be generated using ffmpeg instead of imagemagick. Some gifs had a serious performance issue and this was the best way to get around that. ffmpeg doesn't give the thumbnails the quality imagemagick does, but it was a rather clean solution and it didn't add any new dependencies, so I went with that

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