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(354.93 KB 800x1126 cat.jpg)
Anonymous 11/17/2016 (Thu) 11:48:38 [Preview] No. 5239 [Reply]
Why is it so hard to delete files? I click the check mark, I type the board's password, I click one of the 3 tabs, I fill out the captcha and click delete but most times nothing happens. I'm using Tor, ans enabling scripts changes nothing.

Anonymous 11/17/2016 (Thu) 12:09:43 [Preview] No. 5240 del
>reads the manual
>logs in and it works

m712 11/11/2016 (Fri) 19:19:14 [Preview] No. 5230 [Reply]
hot board
but your captcha is raping my fucking eyes

ziokike 11/11/2016 (Fri) 19:43:51 [Preview] No. 5231 del
(374.00 KB 630x630 drawfagsorgijew.png)
oyyy veyyy I can cuntferm dis my eyes are now rapefugges and cultist!

Anonymous 11/11/2016 (Fri) 20:00:31 [Preview] No. 5232 del
I bet you're the same guy spamming the "masonnigger" dogwhistling all over /pol/ to make it more like 8pol. I bet you're Imkampfy himself

odilitime Board owner 10/07/2016 (Fri) 00:53:45 [Preview] No. 5052 [Reply]

We got dice now, thanks to Mona:

So just put any of the following in the email field:
dice 2d6
dice 5d10+7

And you'll get dice. We have a test thread going where you can play with it. Right now dice is enabled on all boards:


For complete instructions go here: http://endchan.xyz/test/res/857.html#865

Thanks again, Mona for making EndChan great again
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Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 14:56:47 [Preview] No. 5072 del
(115.15 KB 641x882 1456750564844.jpg)
thnks TJBK

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 15:01:11 [Preview] No. 5073 del
and a third here from lil tca

coco 10/09/2016 (Sun) 21:37:17 [Preview] No. 5076 del
I made a fix for the bug where dice don't rolling in some cases, like when >>reply is at top of post.

Please update the new code on your end!!


Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 14:50:47 [Preview] No. 5080 del
Rolled 9, 6, 10, 3, 1 + 7 = 36 (5d10+7)

dice 5d10+7

Anonymous 10/11/2016 (Tue) 16:34:07 [Preview] No. 5086 del
add the how to dice info to the help page, odilitime

odilitime Board owner 10/16/2016 (Sun) 10:19:07 [Preview] No. 5125 [Reply]
I added a thing
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Anonymous 10/16/2016 (Sun) 12:16:40 [Preview] No. 5132 del
Yes, better to have a high bar, so the true artists can show off their skill

odilitime Board owner 10/16/2016 (Sun) 23:27:43 [Preview] No. 5144 del
Ok figured out the new thread oekaki problem that is fixed now.

But still screencap, you never know when your browser is going to shit.

Anonymous 10/16/2016 (Sun) 23:29:05 [Preview] No. 5145 del
(35.03 KB 319x310 1476468091223.jpg)
it happens to me with regular images too

odilitime Board owner 10/16/2016 (Sun) 23:29:57 [Preview] No. 5146 del
what happens to you? We fixed a couple bugs in the last two hours.

Anonymous 10/17/2016 (Mon) 02:30:35 [Preview] No. 5147 del
Man I wish PaintGo worked

Anonymous 10/21/2016 (Fri) 21:38:44 [Preview] No. 5172 [Reply]
Odili Time has recently made a number of people very, very angry, including me. However, as anger serves no function in a successful rebuttal, I will simply state objectively that Odili considers our independence to be the most formidable obstacle in the path of his ambitions and business pursuits. The issue here is that I believe in “live and let live”. Odili, in contrast, demands not only tolerance and acceptance of his refrains but endorsement of them. It's because of such self-righteous demands that I feel that he has created for himself premier victim status. Odili uses this status to shield himself from scrutiny whenever he's caught promoting a culture of dependency and failure. Odili's victim status also means that Odili's critics have to be cautious when suggesting that he must be surrounded by some sort of reality-distortion field. Why else would Odili's protégés assert that the rigors that Odili's victims have been called upon to undergo have been amply justified in the sphere of concrete achievement? If it weren't for all that reality distortion they'd instead be observing that Odili's master plan for humanity involves nothing less than doing exactly the things he accuses wayward slumlords of doing. Excuse me; that's not entirely correct. What I meant to say is that Odili deeply believes that the entire concept of happiness is a lie designed by unseen overlords of endless deceptive power. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the truth is very simple: Odili's flock has found a rallying cry for its upcoming battle against our most treasured liberties. That rallying cry is, “Odili has the experience, ideas, leadership, and integrity to move our nation forward!” It's quotes like that that make me realize that if a cogent, logical argument entered Odili's brain, no doubt a concussion would result.

Even giving Odili the benefit of the doubt, I've repeatedly pointed out to him that his imperium is a veritable Who's Who of smarmy tricksters. That apparently didn't register with him, though. Oh, well; I guess by indiscriminately assigning value to practically everything, Odili has made “experience” all-important. His experiences, however, are detached from any consideration of what is good or true, which means that they will almost certainly pervert human instincts by suppressing natural, feral constraints and encouraging abnormal patterns of behavior before you know it. This is a problem long overdue for debate. I won't dwell on that except to direct your attention to the invidious manner in which Odili has been trying to use threats of fiscal harm to coerce the most improvident Zoilists you'll ever see into substituting breast-beating and schwarmerei for action and honest debate. He should get with the program. But wait—as they say on late-night television infomercials—there's more: It is not necessary to continue living with the risks induced by Odili's ignorant tricks in order reap the cautionary benefits bestowed by the knowledge that Odili's opinions do not represent progress. They represent insanity masquerading as progress.

The notion that Odili can be reformed into an upright and honorable person may be a pleasant and attractive thought. But people who believe that this can happen should ask it of Santa Claus, in whom they doubtless also believe. Looking at it another way, he has repeatedly indicated a desire to let down ladders that the bookish, uncompromising, and brainless scramble to climb. Is that the sound of rarefied respectability that Odili's flacks so frequently attribute to Odili? The Pecksniffian blathering of an adversarial ignominious-type is more like it. In fact, we are a nation of prostitutes. By this I mean that as long as we are fat, warm, and dry we don't care what Odili does. It is precisely that lack of caring that explains why we mustn't be content to patch and darn, to piece and cobble at the worn and rotten fabric of Odili's unstable, bad-tempered annunciations. Instead we must plant markers that define the limits of what is vulgar and what is not. Now that I've told you what I think, let me end this letter by stating that I fully intend to act as a positive role model for younger people. Let Odili Time tremble. And though the heavens fall, let there be justice.
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Anonymous 10/21/2016 (Fri) 21:43:17 [Preview] No. 5177 del
Nice automatic essay generator nerd

Anonymous 10/22/2016 (Sat) 08:36:17 [Preview] No. 5199 del

Anonymous 10/22/2016 (Sat) 23:48:33 [Preview] No. 5204 del
>Odili, on the other hand, thinks that it is not only acceptable but indeed desirable to shout obscenities at passers-by
well that one maybe accurate

Anonymous 10/23/2016 (Sun) 15:45:32 [Preview] No. 5208 del
Odilitime invited me to dennys one time. I watched him rape and kill a girl while shouting obscenities at passers-by

Anonymous 10/23/2016 (Sun) 21:08:56 [Preview] No. 5211 del
are you sure it was rape then kill? That might not be him

Anonymous 10/21/2016 (Fri) 22:42:35 [Preview] No. 5179 [Reply]

Anonymous 10/22/2016 (Sat) 08:31:26 [Preview] No. 5198 del
Sauron likes to post sometimes. Some times seeing isn't enough.

Anonymous 10/17/2016 (Mon) 13:57:54 [Preview] No. 5151 [Reply]
so what's w all the nips otc (on this chan)?
t. curious freechman

Anonymous 10/17/2016 (Mon) 14:09:07 [Preview] No. 5152 del
good question, i guess they are used to scare normies...

Anonymous 10/17/2016 (Mon) 14:15:22 [Preview] No. 5153 del
their chan died, this is their new home ;_;

Anonymous 10/15/2016 (Sat) 23:23:27 [Preview] No. 5123 [Reply]
New /politics/ board created by me, mona.

Enjoy freedom of speech.

Anonymous 10/15/2016 (Sat) 23:23:59 [Preview] No. 5124 del

(4.51 MB 2947x5454 end.jpg)
odilitime Board owner 10/11/2016 (Tue) 22:25:33 [Preview] No. 5087 [Reply]
Quicknote, I made some fixes to the catalog page. Favorites now works there and the show/hiding threads works.
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Anonymous 10/14/2016 (Fri) 01:26:01 [Preview] No. 5108 del
It's a good idea

odilitime Board owner 10/14/2016 (Fri) 09:41:01 [Preview] No. 5112 del
ok, added a "Post a reply" link at the bottom that opens the quick reply window (or goes to the top post form if you have JS turned off)

Well I can have it jump down to the delete form for now. I guess later I can at least make it check the item you're on.

You're confusing the conversations.

Anonymous 10/14/2016 (Fri) 10:20:50 [Preview] No. 5113 del
For what it's worth, the del button on futaba is really a report button. Doesn't matter to me what you do with it, just thought I'd mention it.

Anonymous 10/14/2016 (Fri) 10:27:22 [Preview] No. 5114 del
Thanks a million for the "Post a reply".
It's really convenient now.

Anonymous 10/14/2016 (Fri) 18:18:05 [Preview] No. 5118 del
perhaps we need to relabel it then, any ideas?

(221.42 KB 540x513 1473463625223.jpg)
Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 14:31:28 [Preview] No. 5078 [Reply]
You can check the MODERATION LOG here: