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(2.72 MB 380x289 nigger logic.gif)
Anonymous 07/21/2016 (Thu) 16:27:38 [Preview] No. 4777 [Reply]
>GIFs autoplay
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Anonymous 11/06/2016 (Sun) 12:23:35 [Preview] No. 5222 del
The question now is auto on or auto off
auto off you save bandwidth and anon load pages faster... they to will save bandwidth...
auto on anons who can afford the bandwidth don't have to hit the switch...

Anonymous 11/06/2016 (Sun) 12:36:07 [Preview] No. 5223 del
guess we don't have sage implemented here and wow my first dubs on a post that is dubs

Anonymous 11/06/2016 (Sun) 12:47:43 [Preview] No. 5224 del
nvm we do i just fucked up by basing it off one thing which was the home page's side panel and my images showing up there even dough i saged

Anonymous 12/15/2016 (Thu) 17:48:43 [Preview] No. 5435 del
I like auto play. Fuck this guy

Anonymous 12/15/2016 (Thu) 17:50:14 [Preview] No. 5436 del
(390.70 KB 1000x1000 It's TorSpamming time!.png)
n0w 7h15 15 7h3 570ry 4ll 4b0u7 h0w
my l1f3 607 fl1pp3d, 7urn3d up51d3 d0wn
4nd 1'd l1k3 70 74k3 4 m1nu73 ju57 517 r16h7 7h3r3
1'll 73ll y0u h0w 1 b3c4m3 7h3 pr1nc3 0f 4 70wn c4ll3d b3l 41r

1n w357 ph1l4d3lph14 b0rn 4nd r4153d
0n 7h3 pl4y6r0und wh3r3 1 5p3n7 m057 0f my d4y5
ch1ll1n6 0u7, m4x1n6, r3l4x1n6 4ll c00l
4nd 4ll 5h0071n6 50m3 b-b4ll 0u751d3 0f 7h3 5ch00l
wh3n 4 c0upl3 0f 6uy5 wh0 w3r3 up 70 n0 600d
574r73d m4k1n6 7r0ubl3 1n my n316hb0rh00d
1 607 1n 0n3 l177l3 f16h7 4nd my m0m 607 5c4r3d
4nd 541d y0u'r3 m0v1n6 w17h y0ur 4un713 4nd uncl3 1n b3l 41r

1 b3663d 4nd pl34d3d w17h h3r 7h3 07h3r d4y
bu7 5h3 p4ck3d my 5u17c453 4nd 53n7 m3 0n my w4y
5h3 64v3 m3 4 k1551n' 4nd 5h3 64v3 m3 my 71ck37

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(292.38 KB 1000x1000 le ebin kampf.png)
Anonymous 12/14/2016 (Wed) 04:09:09 [Preview] No. 5432 [Reply]
Someone's going to be a very bootyblasted little boy

(115.68 KB 500x300 autosage.png)
Moderation tool: Autosage request Anonymous 12/12/2016 (Mon) 23:44:24 [Preview] No. 5431 [Reply]
It would be nice to have an option to let a thread stop bumping without locking it. Sometimes you want to keep a stupid thread from being bumped by trolls, without preventing any replying until it expires.

(153.62 KB 630x640 kekmemes2.0.png)
Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 23:32:33 [Preview] No. 5423 [Reply]
What do you think of this may may?

Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 23:37:44 [Preview] No. 5424 del
(174.35 KB 630x640 kekmemes3.0.png)
What about this one?

Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 23:54:19 [Preview] No. 5425 del
(156.32 KB 630x640 kekmemes4.0.png)
I made another one.

Anonymous 12/04/2016 (Sun) 00:53:46 [Preview] No. 5426 del
never happened
sounds accurate

odilitime Board owner 12/02/2016 (Fri) 04:52:34 [Preview] No. 5403 [Reply]
New featured requested by /pol/, implemented by StephenLynx for LynxChan 1.8. I've back ported it into our 1.7.x copy. Under board settings it's called "How many days a non-cyclic thread can be bumped after creation".

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Anonymous 12/02/2016 (Fri) 20:52:51 [Preview] No. 5414 del
(1.20 MB 1262x1386 748.png)
Geez odi no need to get so mad at the poor fella. It's like he think's we're running this spam operation together for some reason...

Anonymous 12/02/2016 (Fri) 20:54:05 [Preview] No. 5415 del

it's just you

Anonymous 12/02/2016 (Fri) 20:57:06 [Preview] No. 5416 del
Are you sure about that :^)

Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 13:07:17 [Preview] No. 5421 del
gud engrish frend

Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 19:58:47 [Preview] No. 5422 del
You should double check stuff before showing being a retard.

(44.36 KB 556x520 delete.png)
How do I ban? Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 23:24:07 [Preview] No. 5378 [Reply]
I can't find the checkbox for a ban.(I'm logged in to the board's admin account, but using Tor.)

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 23:28:37 [Preview] No. 5379 del
Nvm I found it.

Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 03:14:57 [Preview] No. 5418 del
Didn't want to make a new thread. How the heck do I sticky threads on my board?

TorSpammer 12/03/2016 (Sat) 04:39:13 [Preview] No. 5419 del
Click moderate thread -> and click pin

Read the moderation guide: endchan.xyz/.static/moderation.html

Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 04:43:57 [Preview] No. 5420 del
I'm fucking retarded, could never see that before. Thank you.

Anonymous 11/30/2016 (Wed) 17:19:07 [Preview] No. 5396 [Reply]
Is lynx confirmed for flac thumbnails?

Anonymous 11/30/2016 (Wed) 21:39:09 [Preview] No. 5398 del

Anonymous 12/02/2016 (Fri) 04:36:17 [Preview] No. 5401 del

Anonymous 12/02/2016 (Fri) 04:39:21 [Preview] No. 5402 del

Anonymous 12/02/2016 (Fri) 02:20:22 [Preview] No. 5400 [Reply]

(79.36 KB 1247x897 endchan1.PNG)
Anonymous 04/16/2016 (Sat) 15:02:15 [Preview] No. 3302 [Reply]
This stupid as fuck post form at the top of every page isn't needed, just use the quick reply.

I used 4chan for years without ever having to see this thing that just takes up space and forces you to scroll down.
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Anonymous 04/21/2016 (Thu) 23:26:23 [Preview] No. 3373 del
Choose something to make your own CSS.
Then insert this :
display: none;

Anonymous 04/22/2016 (Fri) 07:13:16 [Preview] No. 3375 del
Not all on the same line.
Manage Board and Moderate Thread can be on the same line.
Return, Catalog, and Bottom can be on another. In fact it's like that at the bottom of the page.

odilitime Board owner 05/01/2016 (Sun) 11:25:42 [Preview] No. 3670 del
Excellent idea, Done.

Anonymous 05/01/2016 (Sun) 12:48:32 [Preview] No. 3673 del
next did it and worked without javascript.

Anonymous 05/01/2016 (Sun) 12:55:57 [Preview] No. 3674 del
Next didn`t had a floating quick reply. It just fixed it on a position relative to the screen instead of the page.

(615.62 KB 632x738 1457602359026-b.png)
Anonymous 05/13/2016 (Fri) 14:44:26 [Preview] No. 3868 [Reply]
Hey guys, before I migrate my board here.

Does this place support board pages and custom css like jimchan?
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Anonymous 05/13/2016 (Fri) 20:05:10 [Preview] No. 3882 del
Haha, wow, that's just amazing.

Is there a tomorrow theme?

odilitime Board owner 05/13/2016 (Fri) 20:17:40 [Preview] No. 3884 del
Didn't realize this was a thing until yesterday, looking into options for them. Just throw them up on mixtape.moe for now and link them.

yes, under "colors"

EDIT: fix typo
Edited last time by odilitime on 05/13/2016 (Fri) 21:22:16.

Anonymous 05/13/2016 (Fri) 21:21:11 [Preview] No. 3888 del
Thanks bo

Anonymous 05/15/2016 (Sun) 17:42:02 [Preview] No. 4024 del
Hey, I created my board CSS tomorrow theme for endchan if anyone is interested:

Only problem is this little box that says "Loading" when you hover a back link. I couldn't find reference to it in infinitynow. Anyone know what it is?

Anonymous 05/16/2016 (Mon) 10:03:14 [Preview] No. 4069 del
how is this different than the one we already have?