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odilitime Board owner 05/09/2016 (Mon) 10:38:52 [Preview] No. 3834 [Reply]
Tried to knock another todo item off our list. I've added inline thread expansion (requires JS). Maybe a bit slower than you're used to but this is just a first draft, we'll likely get it faster Please report any bugs or problems here.

Anonymous 05/09/2016 (Mon) 11:46:23 [Preview] No. 3835 del
(87.36 KB 1163x651 check those boxes.png)
Expanded replies doesn't have their check boxes, preview buttons and their backlinks.

Works great without that.

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 19:13:49 [Preview] No. 5355 del
Should have installed something better.
You're a waste of space nigger.

TJBK Board volunteer 05/04/2016 (Wed) 17:36:45 [Preview] No. 3805 [Reply]
Okay over the massive amount of spam (and me getting PTSD from checkboxes) I have enabled captcha for thread creation on /operate/ remember this is only temporary.

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 19:13:34 [Preview] No. 5354 del
I mean holy sheet dude what the fuck is your plan with upgrading to lynx

Catalog is in dark end for some reason Anonymous 04/23/2016 (Sat) 18:27:29 [Preview] No. 3446 [Reply]
Also, clicking the board name in catalog view take you to enchan.xyz, not endchan.xyz/boardname/

Anonymous 04/23/2016 (Sat) 18:27:53 [Preview] No. 3447 del
(37.36 KB 491x387 dark end catalog.png)

Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 19:29:53 [Preview] No. 3622 del

odiltime Board owner 05/01/2016 (Sun) 11:23:51 [Preview] No. 3669 del
Should be fixed now. Not sure how this keeps reverting.

Also should be fixed.
even in FF

Anonymous 05/01/2016 (Sun) 12:26:19 [Preview] No. 3671 del
The last time something reverted was because some monkey edited the source directly in the server, then when a new commit for the FE was deployed, it didn`t contained the change made on the server, thus reverting it.

tl,dr; dumbassery.

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 19:13:21 [Preview] No. 5353 del
Here's some more information for you to look at mr. may may person i truly love you hahah.

Anonymous 04/26/2016 (Tue) 19:45:26 [Preview] No. 3629 [Reply]
Make it so you can disable Tor on certain boards, or at least hamper Tor posting in some way. People just use it as a way to avoid getting banned.

Anonymous 04/26/2016 (Tue) 22:31:01 [Preview] No. 3632 del
Or to preserve their privacy.
If you block Tor, boards that *need* free speech (such as /pol/) will be censored by any BO.
You idea is stupid. GTFO.

Anonymous 04/27/2016 (Wed) 09:31:39 [Preview] No. 3642 del
t. Mongolposter

odilitime Board owner 05/01/2016 (Sun) 10:48:20 [Preview] No. 3662 del
That's been in place since day one. BO can choose the level of tor involvement on their boards.

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 19:13:01 [Preview] No. 5352 del
Who would have installed the gentoo into your may may into your hot dog into your person into your raid into your catalog into your person into your hotdogs into your benis...

Please, remove the /pol/ BO Anonymous 04/28/2016 (Thu) 03:23:22 [Preview] No. 3645 [Reply]
Can someone just remove the authoritarian BO/mod from /pol/ (user pt3870)?
Read this:

The global rules explicitly say that everything is accepted if based on Nevada laws. How the threads deleted violate these rules? They don't. And, yes, they are politically incorrect topics.
I'm not even the creator of these threads and didn't even commented there, these are shit threads, I agree, but it's stupid (and childish) that you just delete what you don't want and refuse to listen to other opinions.
If you want less shitposting, the community itself need to use 'coersion' (name calling) to slow down this, not a authoritarian moderator, because if you give them this power, everything that go against their opinion they can consider a shitpost and will (as they aready did) censor you and who else is in their way.
I thought this place was meant to preserve freedom of speech.

ps: Where is the administrator of this chan? It seems that odilitime don't comment anymore here. I know he see the posts, since he fixed the reported typo on front page (s/Neveda/Nevada/g), but he don't comment anymore. Why? Are you another idiot like hotwheels? Do you think you have some "fame" because you are the admin of some obscure imageboard? I don't use your IRC channel because rizon block Tor and I'll not expose my IP for strange people.
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Anonymous 05/01/2016 (Sun) 02:51:09 [Preview] No. 3653 del
Make your own /pol/ based on freedom then. But to be honest the problem is not so much the BO but the users. The users are Natsocs, and Natsocs always ban things that hurt their feelings. Natsocs will always accuse you of being a Jew if you like freedom.

Natsocs will always stereotype you if you badmouth European semetic religions. Which is hilarious since Hitler despised Christianity. He saw it as a useful tool he eventually planned on replacing with a state sponsored religion.

Anonymous 05/01/2016 (Sun) 04:51:05 [Preview] No. 3655 del
You must be thinking of 8chan, friend

Anonymous 05/01/2016 (Sun) 07:42:33 [Preview] No. 3658 del
thats a pretty accurate generalization tbh fam

im jew btw

odilitime Board owner 05/01/2016 (Sun) 10:30:27 [Preview] No. 3659 del
>Can someone just remove the authoritarian BO/mod from /pol/ (user pt3870)?
No. You need to ask the /pol/ BO. We have no policy in which a global can remove a vol from a board.

>The global rules explicitly say

>Where is the administrator of this chan? It seems that odilitime don't comment anymore here. I know he see the posts, since he fixed the reported typo on front page (s/Neveda/Nevada/g), but he don't comment anymore. Why?
We're here. Yes, I've been busy. I owe a ton of people replies on >>>operate I know.

>Are you another idiot like hotwheels?

>Do you think you have some "fame" because you are the admin of some obscure imageboard?
No. The more I learn the more I wish I didn't trip as much but then I get posts like yours where you get the sense no admin is around.

>I don't use your IRC channel because rizon block Tor and I'll not expose my IP for strange people.

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Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 19:12:29 [Preview] No. 5351 del
Wow who would have thought
Really makes you think, i mean, it fires my jimmys.

And also, this radile concept, i call it "mr. may may"

Crash when uploading picture from Iphone 4 using safari Anonymous 04/25/2016 (Mon) 07:44:51 [Preview] No. 3625 [Reply]
I get a crash to the "desktop" whenever I try to upload a picture from my phone. (Iphone 4(s?))
Plz fix, i am either retarded or there is no way of checking for error msgs on this thing.

Anonymous 04/26/2016 (Tue) 04:41:59 [Preview] No. 3627 del
iOS6+ requires you be plugged in via USB and have safari running.

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 19:11:44 [Preview] No. 5350 del
What's up dumb gay nigger

(9.10 KB 551x156 78657864653425245.png)
Anonymous 04/12/2016 (Tue) 18:09:37 [Preview] No. 3268 [Reply]
>can't even fucking post

cripplekike has officially kill it, RIP in peace 8chan.
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Anonymous 04/16/2016 (Sat) 01:05:21 [Preview] No. 3300 del

Anonymous 04/16/2016 (Sat) 01:05:47 [Preview] No. 3301 del
lel, the 15 HOUR bugged webm works

Anonymous 04/16/2016 (Sat) 17:15:35 [Preview] No. 3304 del
Better than successfully filling it out and immediately getting prompted to fill it out again.

Anonymous 04/22/2016 (Fri) 20:57:01 [Preview] No. 3380 del
>upgraded to alacarty
>server still fucked

I think I'm about to giving up browsing on 8chan, it's making me mad and I don't think they ever fix their shit properly. Seriously, fuck 8chan.

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 19:11:31 [Preview] No. 5349 del
sup stupid faggot

(451.69 KB 1992x2008 1400935399195.jpg)
Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 15:39:21 [Preview] No. 5348 [Reply]

(8.76 KB 436x292 upgrade.jpg)
LynxChan Upgrade odilitime Board owner 11/29/2016 (Tue) 02:23:20 [Preview] No. 5336 [Reply]
We upgraded to 1.7 today due to the newer spam protection features.

If you see any bugs let us know. We've already made fixes to tor.

A complete list of features are here:

A couple highlights:
- better report information
- rate limits on tor

I apologize for the intermittent 502s, it's been a busy day, and I've been trying to get multiple servers from dying.
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Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 06:14:39 [Preview] No. 5341 del
Exactly. This kind of spam and raids is really common but I snapped and thought it was an inside job. Then I realized the culprit is one person and I apologize. These fucks can get the quarantine. And I actually in no way represent /pol/ but i want to apologize for the resulting chaos that erupted. I am not so sure he is angry about his thread being locked. I think he has ulterior motives as a result of controversial discourse. Mainly in the 8chan meta thread but possibly others.

odilitime 11/29/2016 (Tue) 07:12:35 [Preview] No. 5342 del
no worries. We opened an imageboard. User created boards we said. we knew what that meant.

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 12:05:48 [Preview] No. 5345 del
>fixed tor
you mean disabled it
we 8ch.net now

>mod must approve every single tor post
>see opinion he doesn't like
>delete it
on reddit they call it shadowbanning
we reddit now

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 12:13:31 [Preview] No. 5346 del
mods can always delete stuff they don't like. Tools ain't going to change that.

tor is working for me.

StephenLynx 11/29/2016 (Tue) 12:38:56 [Preview] No. 5347 del
I'm planning 2 features that might help:

1: as suggested, an option to automatically bump lock, or lock at all, threads after a certain point.

2: a board option that would cause TOR users to be unable to bump threads on a board.

The first one I am already convinced that is a good addition. Currently there aren't many tools to handle with that scenario.

The second, not so sure. I am going to see how enforcing flood detection for TOR users turn out and if such a feature is actually needed or is just redundant.

I don't intend to implement manual control because that is simply impractical.

And I don't intent to implement a delay because that's just delaying damages, not actually preventing them. Odili argued that it would delay the flooder satisfaction, but I don't work on physiological effects, only on practical effects.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 11/28/2016 (Mon) 21:08:12 [Preview] No. 5305 [Reply]

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Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 00:38:46 [Preview] No. 5331 del
why is tor blocked

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 00:39:12 [Preview] No. 5332 del

Anonymous 11/29/2016 (Tue) 01:57:53 [Preview] No. 5334 del
And this is the missing field on your front-end: fieldIpExpiration


odilitime Board owner 11/29/2016 (Tue) 02:08:47 [Preview] No. 5335 del
Both implemented including all those other fixes on the 1.7.x staging tag. Good work.