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News & Current Events + Happenings
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George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Closes Operations In Hungary Reader 05/15/2018 (Tue) 16:09:30 Id: 45b666 [Preview] No. 8369
George Soros’ Open Society Foundations has been forced to end its operations in Hungary, accusing Budapest of repressing civil society.

President of the Open Society Foundations Patrick Gaspard lashed out at Budapest, saying it has “denigrated and misrepresented our work,” while repressing civil society “for the sake of political gain.”

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly slammed the billionaire globalist for meddling in the nation’s internal affairs.

Sputnik News reports: https://archive.fo/nWHXf

According to reports, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations will close their office in the Hungarian capital and move to Berlin.

“The government of Hungary has denigrated and misrepresented our work and repressed civil society for the sake of political gain, using tactics unprecedented in the history of the European Union,” Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations, said.

Hungary is one of the most anti-immigrant EU member-states and has constantly clashed with the European Union over their contrasting stances on tackling the migrant crisis.

The Hungarian government has been pushing to adopt the so-called “Stop Soros Act,” which would allow banning activities of pro-immigration policies in Hungary. The bill was submitted to parliament in February.

In addition to supporting pro-immigrant causes, the billionaire has also donated funds to pro-EU groups, such as the Best for Britain group, which is campaigning against Brexit.


Reader 05/15/2018 (Tue) 16:14:23 Id: 45b666 [Preview] No.8370 del
Ironic how they call this "repressing civil society" when the fact is whenever Soros and his NGOs get their way the countries that once were civilized not longer are civilized but in fact become destabilized in the future. This asshole should be kicked out of all civilized society for what he and his NGOs have contributed to. All countries Soros has been successful are now police states, riddled with soaring crime and increasing poverty. Not to mention loss of culture and increasing social conflicts. This is FAR FAR from "civil society" as he claims!

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