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MEDIA MATTERS COLLECTING *CHAN USERS' DATA Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 18:46:52 [Preview] No. 610

This is some seriously fucked up shit, and its as much in your interests as it is ours. Pics show a few highlights, but what you're looking at is the enemy's Strategic-level shilling plan for the next four years. It's all there.

>Left Wing Truth Squads numbering hundreds of thousands

>MSM and social media manipulation

>Reliance of new technologies including predictive algorythms

>Collusion with social media companies and Google to shut down the Right

>Targeting individuals and groups who go against the narrative

"Taking back social media for the Democrats"

We're in for a hell of a ride. If you thought CTR was bad, buckle the fuck up.

Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 18:47:28 [Preview] No. 611 del
Media Matters is Soros owned.

Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 18:51:38 [Preview] No. 612 del
>implying there isn't just as much of this shit going on by the pro-Trump Israeli side

making it one-sided won't fly here on endchan, you ain't on Jim/pol/ anymore

They play off each other. Good goy Spencer giving the Trump nazi salute in front of the MSM is a good example.

Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 18:53:03 [Preview] No. 613 del
That said I could see it going either way: Could be Trump getting us into another neocon war, or it could be that Trump is the fall-guy for a financial meltdown and a hard leftist "savior" assumes power afterward

Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 21:46:01 [Preview] No. 614 del
Oooo scary

Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 22:20:33 [Preview] No. 615 del
David Brock is probably a kid fucker. Now as if by necessity he is commanding this Lackluster monitoring system that aligns with James Alifantes The child murdering gourmand.What can these foodies do that they have not been able to before? Fake news is now the go-to excuse for the latest Hollywood gossip. If you Yes I am talking to you david brock. Lets hope your google alerts (alt right hate monitoring technology) is good enough. You are not doing anything but taking away the facade of legitimacy you had with your own deluded supporters. Now with acting as the damage control expert you only attract more damage. You could try and leave it alone. Maybe that will make it cool down. You can no longer just shovel 10 thousand dollars to the nearest crossroads tavern and expect everything is ok. You need to get in line with those over you angry and wanting a list of names of people who tell it like it is.No. You are a liability to the elite. Not the unthinking masses. You allow child murder therefore you are a victim of your own problem. Its not my fault. This just makes it all the more crucial to secure the incarceration of everyone involved with this occult pedophile mafia.

Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 22:21:29 [Preview] No. 616 del
Lol openly to tran a shill

Anonymous 01/30/2017 (Mon) 22:22:49 [Preview] No. 617 del

Anonymous 01/31/2017 (Tue) 14:35:28 [Preview] No. 618 del
Arent real journalists supposed to be impartial?

Anonymous 02/15/2017 (Wed) 01:34:18 [Preview] No. 632 del
That's the point of "journalism" you dumbass

Anonymous 02/20/2017 (Mon) 19:57:15 [Preview] No. 639 del
I like media matters because they debunk the drivel that passes for fact among the average 67 bear old viewer of Fox news.

Anonymous 03/08/2017 (Wed) 04:59:50 [Preview] No. 659 del
>I like big dicks in my anus


Also, this is a stillborn failure, even Soreass cannot win against the redpilled masses.

Anonymous 03/17/2017 (Fri) 22:19:16 [Preview] No. 661 del
child sacrifices are part of the ritual abrahamic religions do.

they offer virgin children to moloch.

from a normal person's viewpoint they'll see my statements as >>>/tinfoil/ >>>/x/ but the truth is this had been practiced ever since the beginning of the piscean age.

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