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News & Current Events + Happenings
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Bitcoin's Blockchain Alledgedly Compromised By Govt/Banksters Warns /pol/ Anon Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 12:53:31 Id: 18e5db [Preview] No. 5398
Hello, /pol/. I have lurked this board since the first exodus, and find that the information presented here is of great utility to the common man - which in turn is obviously why shills are rampant. It seems that while shareblue and other shill teams have lost the election, their attempts are nowhere near exhausted. While this may not be of grave concern to you, something very dark is happening on 4chan/biz that only the more adept users seem to be taking note of. I will try to keep my post as easy to digest as possible, but this is a lot of information that actually stems back to 8/pol/ and the help of a very based anon.

1. Pre-August 2017 - 8/pol anon makes post warning other anons about the implications of the User-Activated Soft Fork on Bitcoin's blockchain. This User-Activated Soft Fork activates software called Segregated Witness, a "scaling solution" funded by a company called Blockstream, who happens to be funded by the Bildeberg group and venture capital groups. This "network upgrade" initiates on August 8th 2017, and if all the miners do not follow the abundance of nodes on the network, a chain split results, which looks terrible for Bitcoin. Because of this, and previous arrangements that will benefit the miners later on, Segwit is activated. Right before activation, Roger Ver states that he does not agree with what SegWit claims to do for Bitcoin, and in turn hard forks the network in order to preserve Bitcoin's ecosystem before this radical upgrade took place.


Segregated Witness is a software upgrade that forces every-day users such as you and I off of the main blockchain. It does this using a fee-based "solution". Fees to broadcast to the main blockchain are raised x1000, going from less than $1 to $1000 EOY 2018. Instead, average users will go through Side-Chains - a patented software that allows banks to control their own centralized blockchains, this means that they choose the transactions that will and will not be allowed to be broadcasted to the main blockchain, while you as an inidividual must pay them a fee to even use the sidechains. This means that banks have control over who can and cannot send money, something that was previously not possible with Bitcoin.

2. Post-August 2017

Roger Ver splits the Bitcoin blockchain with his hardfork, resulting in a new Bitcoin offspring named "Bitcoin Cash (BCH)" - Bitcoin Cash follows the original roadmap laid out by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, while Bitcoin (BTC) is now a science project of Bitcoin Core and Blockstream. Nothing is too bad on 4chan, a lot of people talking shit about Bitcoin Cash, but from my perspective it seems to be pure ignorance rather than any actual shilling.


Bitcoin Cash is the original idea of Bitcoin, laid out by the creator of Bitcoin, and using solutions that Satoshi Nakamoto explicitly states exist for the future of the currency. These solutions allow for Bitcoin to scale according to the amount of users on the network, without the high-fee-based scalability model. This means that regardless of whether you are rich or poor, if you have Bitcoin Cash (BCH) you can broadcast your transaction to the blockchain for close to nothing. Censorship-resistant money.

3. Bitcoin Cash Gains A Foothold

As Bitcoin's (BTC) fees grow in price, less people begin to use it, the promise of Lightning Network and Sidechains are still being worked on, according to Core and Blockstream, but as of now, there is no immediate solution to these people. Raising the blocksize past 1MB is not possible. In turn, many businesses begin to drop Bitcoin, some turning to Bitcoin Cash, which results in newfound confidence and a new floor @ $1000 USD. At this point, 4chan begins to see many people shilling against Bitcoin Cash and either attempting to point people's attention toward alt-coins as the successor to Bitcoin, rather than Bitcoin Cash, which shares the same Genesis Block with Bitcoin.

Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 12:54:10 Id: 18e5db [Preview] No.5399 del

With the failure of BTC being just around the corner, shills see this as an opportunity to begin their attack. They choose very specific coins for a VERY specific reason. Ethereum and Litecoin are the main alts being shilled.


Ethereum Enterprise Alliance - Google it.


Litecoin, created by fat greedy chink Charlie Lee, is a fork of Bitcoin created in or around 2013. What is so special about Litecoin? Nothing anymore. The most notable feature though, would be Segregated Witness, which was activated on Litecoin FAR before it was activated on Bitcoin. Since Segwit is software owned by Blockstream, if the majority of Bitcoin's market cap were to flow into Litecoin, banks would have won regardless of whether BTC dies or not. Either way both have Segwit activated, so Blockstream and banks win.

4. Bitcoin Cash Begins to Suck the Life Out of Bitcoin

As of Nov 15th 2017, Bitcoin Cash has begun to absorb Bitcoin's market dominance at a rapid rate, swinging between .1 and .3 Satoshi in comparison to BTC. Eventually Bitcoin Cash is projected to be at a 1:1 ratio with BTC, and afterwards will kill BTC completely, as they both work using the same hardware and mining algorithms. Bitcoin Cash has some added features including an adjusted DAA that stop miners from being able to kill the network by making it to expensive to mine at a loss when hashpower is removed. In other words, Bitcoin Cash's blockchain is a lot stronger and more resistant to the chain-death spiral that could completely (and will) kill Bitcoin.

5. Coinbase adds Bitcoin Cash

As of Dec 20th 2017, Coinbase announces that it will add Bitcoin Cash as a USD pair, shaking confidence in BTC and bringing the market down for a short period of time. Due to not enough liquidity, the price of Bitcoin Cash shoots from $4000 USD to $9000 USD within 6 minutes, and coinbase disables trading, as they do not believe the price is healthy and may be manipulated.

Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 12:54:49 Id: 18e5db [Preview] No.5400 del

As Bitcoin Cash has grown, BTC has began to die, which ultimately was the plan of banks anyway, they never wanted Bitcoin to work. They want to kill it or control it, now they have a big issue to deal with.

What is happening on 4chan?

If you were to go to 4chan/biz and look in any Bitcoin Cash thread, you will find extremely aggressive shills who are adapting and using far more aggressive tactics than the ones you deal with here. I know that may be hard to believe, but I will be accumulating some screencaps for you. These shills are not typical, they are aggressively adapting to /pol/ language and attempting to utilize it in order to mislead newcomers entirely. Immediately after losing an argument, within 24 hours, the shills will return and use the language of the previous argument winner (which always happens to be a BCH supporter) in order to push their own agenda. They have even resorted to calling BCH supporters kikes, and have blatantly flip-flopped ideologies while simply switching the positions of each currency. The same shills who were here during the election, trying to control US politics are attempting to control the future of money. While Bitcoin may seem like a kike scam, it is the same as opening Pandora's box. With the birth of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin is no longer able to be controlled. If Bitcoin Cash wins, they lose forever. I will retrieve some information for you guys, but in the meantime I recommend checking it out for yourself. It's actually pretty scary.

Even if you don't give a shit about 4chan or crypto, which is fine, I know a lot of people here see it as a Jewish scam - just remember that ALL countries (including ones that hate the US) benefit from money that the US and central banks cannot control. You might also just be interested in the shilling tactics, although they arent too bad right now. Anyone calling Bitcoin Cash Bcash is doing so in an attempt at shifting the narrative and pulling Bitcoin Cash away from the "Bitcoin" name.

Thanks for warning me about this, if it weren't for you, as always I would not have realized what Bitcoin Core or Blockstream were up to. Whoever the based anon was that tipped me off here, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 14:06:06 Id: 18e5db [Preview] No.5403 del
I'll just add my two cents here since likely no one else will bother going first (if at all): cryptocurrencies present an opportunity if fully decentralized and not coaxed by a third party, as a means to convert fiat legal tenders. For example if Venezuelans held cryptocurrency, they could sell that crypto for dollars or yuan and hold a legal tender that still has purchasing power. Thus they could ditch their own failed currency by utilizing blockchain technology.

Unfortunately governments and other insolvent/criminal institutions are going to try banning or heavily regulating cryptocurrencies as they want us goyim to remain poor and dependent. After all that is the true agenda behind Rothchild Keynesian economics: to bankrupt the masses and re-distribute the wealth to their elitist oligarchy class.

I plan on investing into crypto, but not putting all my savings into it. Besides having a stash of silver, backups of basic essentials and a home that is now paid off I will likely aim at around 8% diversification into crypto. 10% maximum. I plan on going with some obscure coins and will do more research on what to trust more, BTC or Bitcash... whichever remains more decentralized and unfriendly to the banks I'll likely stick to. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies out there and if anyone should happen to invest in this, I say maximum diversification is the safest bet.

Also, I hear to store your crypto wallet OFFLINE, in "cold storage" so it won't be hacked. I'll make sure there is no wifi card in the older laptop I plan to store it on and that I power it up via 12v battery with 400watt power inverter so its 100% off-grid. That way no hackers or spooks will get in there and steal any of it. Storing the laptop inside a faraday cage when not in use.

Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 15:19:09 Id: d0787a [Preview] No.5409 del
(805.42 KB 914x609 Simon-Baker.png)
$chan is crap, and always was. While you were shitposting there, we used BTC around the 70 USD range and sure made some profits as it rose to 800 USD. However, at that time, Cryptsy was wrecked, MTGOX was used by FBI and kikes to steal BTC (they lept the MTGOX deposit window open tho they knew they were stealing ask the Japs, they know) and also, some key good points were made about the question "Whp ushes these chains and why?" THINK ABOUT CHAINS. Thus, at this time, James Dimon, is who you should focus all your attention on (pic enclosed) in the fine Hollywodd film "Margin Call" and you should also research the fine old film "Rollover" which has Kurt Russell and some biggies in it.

Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 15:27:59 Id: 18e5db [Preview] No.5410 del
So, I've gotten the feeling for a while that BTC has been used by investors as another "pump and dump" scheme. My assumption must be accurate, correct?

As for Jamie Dimon, lol. I rather pay attention to what he does and invests in, than what he claims. Typically bankers will talk out their ass, and do the exact opposite behind the scene.

Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 15:39:01 Id: d0787a [Preview] No.5411 del
(169.36 KB 720x416 dialafriend1.gif)
>I've gotten feels


>BTC has been used by investors as another "pump and dump" scheme. My assumption must be accurate, correct?

By investors? Uh no, those are the sheep who get fleeced by kikisms such as debt, "caveat emptor" never bring a knife to a gunfight, etc. Okay I won't be snarky in answer: Most stocks, and everything that "markets" such as DOW and DIJA and so forth, are all essentially scams, or at least they are, casinos that you and me are only allowed to walk around in we cannot step to the big tables where they push not just "money papers" but also kids, drugs, guns airplanes, anything that is desirable, into the center of the table, evoking gasps and drawn in breaths during each round of play, as the stakes, get as high as well, space itself. Let me put it another way: is the HR (means HUMAN RESOURCE aka you and me) at Goldmqn Sachs, all that different from the one at hmm say CVS Headquarters? Let us ask also, what if you swapped, not just the HR depts but also the entire IT teams,? In what ways would either company be changed? These are of course just two global megabehemoth golems of industry, does it matter what they "think" and also can corporations "think"?

>Jamie Dimon invests in

Ha ha you think he is an investor? Fuck no he sits in the lead car on a roller coaster he knows is safe. What work does he do? Just occupying that seat, that's all. Dude literally snapped up Bear Stearns for like 2 USD per share, wow, that's like some serious insider information, if he knew ahead of time, that BS was gonna get headfaked and "crushed" well not crushed but like an orange, Jamie was there to get the juice. Who was the rind? But in the end, we did get a whole new GM out of the deal, Ah but do we really need a Chevy Volt without a steering wheel?

Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 15:58:34 Id: 20ed4c [Preview] No.5415 del
interesting, I just didn't imagine that BCH was the right one.

Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 16:04:24 Id: 18e5db [Preview] No.5418 del
Maybe "investing" was not the right description in the case of Dimon as I wasn't referring to the stock market, which is a highly manipulated pump and dump scheme itself.

Dimon claims we shouldn't be buying physical gold or silver (while he himself hoards it)... Dimon claims we should not pay attention to cryptocurrency (while he himself is trying to exploit it, or corner it). All these bankers do the same thing, they'll tell the sheeple to buy up stocks and take out more loans but what do they do? They try consolidating real wealth, real markets for themselves.

As far as investors in the stock market casino, yes I hear some actually are exploiting the cryptocurrency marketplace to pump and dump it to make some easy cash. I could definitely see BTC being used for such a thing.

Reader 01/13/2018 (Sat) 04:57:17 Id: 5c8718 [Preview] No.5444 del
Are you also going to turn your home into a fortress with a moat and gunports so it doesn't get stolen?

Reader 01/13/2018 (Sat) 11:24:14 Id: 1d0ec5 [Preview] No.5446 del
and now we get shitpost from 8/pol/ as "news"
whatever, done.

Who here even has a wallet?

Reader 01/13/2018 (Sat) 16:19:43 Id: 7ad1bd [Preview] No.5448 del
Lol, no I'm not rich, just middle class and damn lucky to be born during the Americana days where a man can work hard, make a decent living and retire.

As for household entry-point fortification, yes I've worked on some of my own DIY projects as a prepper. Got katybars for both my front and back doors, both which have long strike plates for the deadbolts to make them kick-proof. Fortified with fiberglass paneling too, and with the katy bars they are batter ram proof.

BTW, you can make your own katy bars from two metal axle brackets and a long steel pipe. Mount the axle brackets to each side of the door frame (make sure you level it properly) and have a strong steel pipe to slide through and you got yourself a DIY katy bar for under $40:

(These would be great axle brackets if they are actually metal)

As for window entry-points? I'm still working on that. For one window prototype I have four 10" bolts mounted to the side of the studs, two for each side which have been re-enforced with a second 2x4 and steel plating (utilizing some industrial shelving beams). My idea is to be able to prop up heavy plywood in front of my windows (from the inside of-course) and then use the 10" bolts, washers and nuts to hold the plywood sturdily into place (utilizing more heavy-duty steel shelving beams across the plywood to those bolts). I've been successful with one of the major window fortification prototype so far, so I'll be doing the rest of them like that this year. (Note that I can remove that plywood anytime I want to, and secure it right back on during a SHTF scenario which makes this so convenient).

Reader 01/14/2018 (Sun) 00:05:43 Id: 7ad1bd [Preview] No.5461 del
I don't normally post anything from shitchan, but this caught my attention and I wanted to alert anons and have a talk about it. It could be important.

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