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EndChan is Going Broke, Please Donate To Save This Site Reader 07/16/2017 (Sun) 09:30:01 Id: e951d7 [Preview] No. 1213

Help keep us independent. One of SnakeDude's wishes for EndChan is for it to maintain it's own independence and infrastructure. Also this will help us fund bounties on requested features. To do this, we could use your help.

Donate by BitCoin: 18SMo6egCSLEpCDqiW8vJQmwiM5uTxwHH8

A lot of people have complained about only accepting bitcoins, so I'm going to try a small experiment: Use a credit card or paypal by supporting Odilitime on Patreon. Please note that payment is for EndChan


Reader 07/16/2017 (Sun) 11:25:14 Id: a8d711 [Preview] No. 1214 del
never trust any addresses or links unless it's on https://endchan.xyz/.static/donations.html

Reader 07/16/2017 (Sun) 13:03:06 [Preview] No. 1215 del
Just did the thing and didn't see a space for a note.

Reader 07/16/2017 (Sun) 13:32:04 [Preview] No. 1216 del
Probably going to cancel this and just do Coinbase instead; it doesn't seem that difficult and saves getting jewed 5-10%.

Reader 07/16/2017 (Sun) 21:18:01 Id: 409a83 [Preview] No. 1218 del
Every link in this OP is legitimate, sponsored by Endchan or Odilitime. Thank you for assisting. We love Endchan and want to keep it alive.

odilitime Root 07/16/2017 (Sun) 21:57:02 Id: a8d711 [Preview] No. 1219 del
Just want to say this post was made without coordination with the admins. While we're in the negative, we're not going any where.

We appreciate everything you guys contribute. We want to keep this site supported by users, so we optimize to serve you.

We really are indebted anons trying to help out, whether it's creating posts like this, helping to get the word out and/or donating.

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