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Black Man Jumps 19 Feet Off Bridge, Claims Police Brutality, Cops Vindicated In Bodycam Video Reader 07/16/2017 (Sun) 09:21:10 Id: e28887 [Preview] No. 1212
>A false claim by a criminal who fled police then injured himself was trending all across social media which ignited a firestorm of controversy.

>To silence the lies of police brutality made in the viral Facebook post, Rainbow City police have now released body camera video of a traffic stop turned into an act of a stupid criminal which led to his own self-inflicted injuries.

>The Facebook post including graphic images of the man which was shared 28,600 times by advocates of Black Lives Matter, claimed that officers beat, used a stun gun and pushed a man off a bridge around 10 PM. The post goes on to say the man was taken to a Gadsden hospital and airlifted to UAB Hospital, but his next of kin was not notified.

>The Facebook post said the following

>"Rainbow city beat him half to death and pushed him off a bridge. The people who are supposed to serve and protect. He's trying to talk but his whole front row of teeth are knocked out, he had to have his tongue sewed back together and his femur bone is broken he has to have surgery on it."

>Full Video Here (30 Mins Long can't webm)

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