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So true. If you give the government enough of a reason they will pull enough of their resources and funding together to hunt you down. IP obfuscation is merely one obstacle that can be thrown their way though. There are tools out there that are available to block third party scripts, erase browser cookies/cache and even obfuscate browser metadata which are obstacles that can be thrown their way. If you utilize something like the Tails OS you can spoof the MAC address before connecting to Tor and that can help as another form of obfuscation.

Governments rather not spend tons of $$$ just to track down unknown dissidents with anonymous obfuscation techniques. As Edward Snowden once said the easiest route to personal privacy is still "forward secrecy" - in other words if you don't want the world to know something about yourself just don't voluntarily disclose it. Keep your "online fingerprints" (such as social media) very limited or preferably null. This way you'll make it much more difficult for anyone (including the government) to find out what you are up to regularly. A simple lack of info can revoke the exposure of dirty details you might not want disclosed to the world.