Reader 04/17/2018 (Tue) 02:36:29 Id: 2bbb0a No.8161 del
The US feels like the Twilight zone today.

The elites are destroying the USA through debt, wars, and tyranny and Americans either don't know or do not want to know.

Most of those who are awake either think Fascism is the American way or think that Communists never killed anyone.

When the US collapses and the revolution starts will Americans kill the politicians, police, soldiers, Jews, billionaires, reporters, actors, liberals, Muslims, blacks, feminists, or illegal aliens? Everyone?

Americans seem to sense that they are on the Titanic.

If you go outside today, you'll see that many Americans look shell-shocked.

The homeless look broken.

The young people look either ignorant, sullen, or apathetic.

Girls are either fat or sluts.

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