Reader 04/16/2017 (Sun) 23:59:50 No. 815 del
>LainChan was conceived in the community. Which is a subset of old 4chan/g. LainChan was named after Volafile’s admin Lain.

Close. Lainchan existed before the admin of volafile started using the name Lain. Lain discovered one day and mocked it for not being worthy of sharing its name with himself and with the anime. He then encouraged volafile users to more or less raid their irc channel. Only when they did, they realized they actually liked each other and the two kind of became official unofficial sister sites. Many Volafile users in search of a better imageboard made it their home board and heavily influenced its early development. At least one of vola's mods became a mod for the site (but you can't blame him for "shit moderation because he's been mia for years and was actually a good guy)

So it wasn't so much "conceived" in the volafile community, but that community did have a very significant influence on the way lainchan grew.

tl;dr volafile didn't invent lainchan but if you thought lainchan was bad you can probably blame volafile for it being bad.

I'm nitpicking I guess, but I wanted to set the record straight. I once liked volafile and i once liked lainchan, and that irc raid was fun times. Rip lainchan. I wonder how many will remember its hidden porn boards that kalyx removed because he was struggling with his crippling porn addiction.