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>Americans either don't know or want to know that the US is collapsing

On the contrary many Americans, like myself, do actually know that we are headed for collapse and are preparing for it. Just search up prepping on any social media including Youtube and you'll be astounded how big the prepping movement has gotten. That does not include the militias out there, those who already live completely off-the-grid in the boonies (yes, these people exist believe it or not), Mormons and Amish are religious groups that base their whole lives around survival and self-sufficiency. Mormons alone in the US make up around 10 million people. Join a Mormon group and you too will be ready for doomsday! (Thus all the propaganda and hatred aimed at Christians, which is all related to the lust for power and control over other people).

>Instead of demanding that minimum wage

Its much more complex then just that as I've stated a million times now. We have become de-industrialized via outsourcing and too many regulations. We have a fiat currency. We depend on massive endless debts, overwhelming insolvency and corruption. Biggest welfare state on the planet right now. We face moral decline. We face a brainwashed public, some in complete cognitive dissonance (truth does not matter to those people at all). Many Americans spend more time watching sports then going outdoors and enjoying nature (whether that be fishing, hunting or family camping)... TV has ruined the minds of millions. Colleges have wrecked critical thinking and lobotomized the youth with crazy Marxist propaganda... the end is near for us as a society. We WILL start over and when we do, things are going to change and freedom-hating despots will be lynched when caught. Communism/fascism/zionism/globalism/totalitarianism will no longer be accepted in the next America and those types will be thrown into the fires to burn in hell where they belong and we will keep our guns and there will be no room for political correctness anymore.