Reader 04/16/2018 (Mon) 17:43:42 Id: c62115 No.8138 del
Nazis do not exist anymore, fascist ideologies still do. And believe it or not Jews tend to be extreme fascists as they lobby for control and power more-so than any other group. There are a lot of Jewish (Zionist) institutions that influence Western politics and foreign policies as well. So we must take into consideration that these folks are not working in America's interests but for their own selfish interests.

I am not someone who endorses dead dictators like Stalin or Hitler, but I will not endorse Zionism either because the threat of subversion from their behalf is very real today and persists. Just as the influence rich Jihadist oil tycoons have had on our energy sector. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and it does not matter who wields that power because no matter what there will be abuse by greedy special interests.