Reader 04/16/2018 (Mon) 00:28:36 Id: 665fb2 No.8105 del
>Printing money is not the only way to recover from a recession.

Correction: printing money is *NEVER the way to recover from a recession. This is what Keynesian economists do and it fails every single fucking time.

You know what should be done? Hucksters who created the financial crisis should be jailed. Those insolvent should be forced to go bankrupt. No bailouts. No subsidies. No get out of jail cards or "too big to fail" bullshit. Those involved should be the ones suffering. And then society moves on and recovery happens naturally, as it should and would have.

But tell that to a bunch of greedy corrupt morally bankrupt control freak brickheads. They'd be more likely to kill you then thank you for the advice.