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Wars create debt if you nation is of good moral character. Thus the kike will seek to make war for you, the endebt your nation (probably a Christian nation like Germany and the USA they infiltrate) and thus endebting your nation via war, the kike grows, and grows until finally he gets his Israel state, LOL using a fuckin german dude. So, America is the good and brave people who have to clean up shitty European messes. Vietnam for example, was totally fucked up by the French a bunch of dumbfucks, who sadly, DJT, seems to be impressed with. Oh yeah how impressive to let sharia fuckfaces infest your country openly. When they didn't elect La Pen (whomever she is she tried to fight islam) I lost all hope for them. French is a language, nothing more. The dumb french colonial plan starved 2 million Vietnamese in 1962. Americans have to always go save your fucking King-world fuck ups. Kings or gangsters, ha, you'd be happy with either. At least Americans have guns and guts.