Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 16:36:38 Id: 7b5f80 No.5421 del
I prefer to see the US grow some balls, take back positions of power (we can do that legally and civilly) and start changing these fucked up policies.

Why haven't we forced our politicians to stop subsidizing corrupt companies at our expense? After all, that is not capitalism and they know it!

Why haven't we put anti-trust lawsuits to use since (how many years has it been?) Why are we allowing tech companies to become de-facto monopolies when they CAN be broken up through the court system?

As far as content providers, we need to ditch this bullshit! Instead of using Twitter, use Gab. Instead of using Google, use StartPage (or something else). Instead of purchasing on Amazon, purchase products elsewhere. Use a private VPN service, they deserve the money for helping protect our privacy! Go to a local grocery store or farmers market, don't support fast food chains.

Why are we not boycotting these corrupt companies en mass? Why even buy their shitty products or services if they don't cater to our interests? Hit them where it hurts, their bank accounts!

It's like this: we need to get back to self-sufficiency and self-reliance as much as possible even though we still live in a materialized world. And if we do purchase something it should be from someone who doesn't fuck people over. Something of good quality, Made In USA brands. Local ma & pa businesses. Purchase an old car from a neighbor instead of taking out a huge loan for some new digitized piece of shit. Don't rely on others or ask others if you can or can't do something, just do it.

We need to take back our lives, we are AmeriCANS ... not AmeriCANTS.