Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 16:04:24 Id: 18e5db No.5418 del
Maybe "investing" was not the right description in the case of Dimon as I wasn't referring to the stock market, which is a highly manipulated pump and dump scheme itself.

Dimon claims we shouldn't be buying physical gold or silver (while he himself hoards it)... Dimon claims we should not pay attention to cryptocurrency (while he himself is trying to exploit it, or corner it). All these bankers do the same thing, they'll tell the sheeple to buy up stocks and take out more loans but what do they do? They try consolidating real wealth, real markets for themselves.

As far as investors in the stock market casino, yes I hear some actually are exploiting the cryptocurrency marketplace to pump and dump it to make some easy cash. I could definitely see BTC being used for such a thing.