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Who knew that Mola Ram would take over the Internet?

Oh well some of us did the needful even tho we knew the needful was some dumb shit. Did I just hear that little headbobbling fuckhead refer to "rednecks" as people he don't like? Does he not appreciate how much we rednecks have given that shitty third world country called India? Oakis and India can go don the same hole. Check out Yuri Bez and how (whatever you think of him and his message) he had to fake being a stoner, to cross India, because they will throw your KGB ass right back into the gulag motherfucker. Extradition and capture of war booty and so forth. But in the end Henry Jones Junior who defeats the Thuggee cult, is a Christian (in his heart I mean) and a lover of kids. Literally he frees the kids with a whip.