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According to the source, Twitter is almost entirely dependent on the goodwill of celebrities and public figures, who are seen as the number-one factor drawing users onto their platform. Getting re-tweeted by a celebrity is seen by Twitter as “the modern autograph.” Thus, confirms the source, the real reason for the suspension of figures like Milo, Roger Stone, and the satirist Godfrey Elfwick is because they offended a celebrity or high-profile mainstream figure.

From a business standpoint, celebrities drive sign-ups, and the site therefore “bends over backwards to please them.”

“Of course there are double standards,” says the source, who agrees that in fights between two public figures, “Twitter will pick the bigger, more powerful celebrity.”

According to the source, a surefire path to a Twitter permaban is for a user to get on the wrong side of a celebrity who has more power to damage the company than they do, and who has the support of “Social Justice Warrior brigades” both inside and outside the company. In other words, left-wing celebrities.

Twitter’s dependence on celebrities has been thrown into stark focus in recent days, as Hollywood tears itself apart over the Weinstein sex scandal. After Rose McGowan, one of Weinstein’s most vocal accusers, had her Twitter account briefly suspended last year, she and several other celebrities promised to boycott the platform.

A third source has also come forward to shed light on Twitter’s culture of snowflake identity politics, which bears a strong resemblance to the culture of other big tech companies.

In August, we reported that Google keeps tampons in their men’s restrooms as a matter of policy, because “some men menstruate.” More recently, James Damore’s lawsuit against Google revealed that the company allowed someone who “identifies” as a “yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin” give a presentation on “living as a plural being.”

Once confined to the crazyhouses of Tumblr and college campuses, the bizarre culture of left-wing millennial identity politics can now be found at the most powerful tech companies in the world.

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