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>I've gotten feels


>BTC has been used by investors as another "pump and dump" scheme. My assumption must be accurate, correct?

By investors? Uh no, those are the sheep who get fleeced by kikisms such as debt, "caveat emptor" never bring a knife to a gunfight, etc. Okay I won't be snarky in answer: Most stocks, and everything that "markets" such as DOW and DIJA and so forth, are all essentially scams, or at least they are, casinos that you and me are only allowed to walk around in we cannot step to the big tables where they push not just "money papers" but also kids, drugs, guns airplanes, anything that is desirable, into the center of the table, evoking gasps and drawn in breaths during each round of play, as the stakes, get as high as well, space itself. Let me put it another way: is the HR (means HUMAN RESOURCE aka you and me) at Goldmqn Sachs, all that different from the one at hmm say CVS Headquarters? Let us ask also, what if you swapped, not just the HR depts but also the entire IT teams,? In what ways would either company be changed? These are of course just two global megabehemoth golems of industry, does it matter what they "think" and also can corporations "think"?

>Jamie Dimon invests in

Ha ha you think he is an investor? Fuck no he sits in the lead car on a roller coaster he knows is safe. What work does he do? Just occupying that seat, that's all. Dude literally snapped up Bear Stearns for like 2 USD per share, wow, that's like some serious insider information, if he knew ahead of time, that BS was gonna get headfaked and "crushed" well not crushed but like an orange, Jamie was there to get the juice. Who was the rind? But in the end, we did get a whole new GM out of the deal, Ah but do we really need a Chevy Volt without a steering wheel?