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If the media talks about somebody they work for the CIA. That rule has been in place since JFK died. If you don't know this and don't think that this is just limited hangout/honeypot shit, then you are the stupidest fucking person who ever lived. Once they are done using them, since jews are disgusting parasites, they dispose of them. Part of the operation is using barbaric redneck meatheads as their military wing, so they probably sent their own dude to Guantanimo where schizophrenic retarded US Milcucks who think they are fighting for freedom are torturing him. Probably was something like oh he is a hacker dude, get dirt and blackmail him.

These people can murder a Muslim family with Wall-E from fucking Texas, but yeah they are just going to give constant exposure to one of their biggest enemies. Yaaay we did it reddit! Trump, good friend of the Clintons and member of the same mafia as every other moron won!

If you haven't figured this out yet you are a fucking idiot.