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This is why I find the Uber, Airbnb, and Kickstarter businesses to be bullshit. Realistically they can't control this shit but they have to be held accountable because they are providing the service. Usually this is handled by some sort of screening process but since this is a "casually sign up" sort of thing it defeats the whole purpose. So the logical thing is to have a "buyer beware" policy. But then the problem becomes people use the service and then act indignant when something bad happens. Then they demand reparations from the fool who actually trusted them to make responsible decisions. Which leads to them having to be accountable anyway and defeats the whole purpose of a "buyer beware" policy. It's a catch 22 and for some reason I feel like the asshole even when I don't use the blessed things.

No, these are planted by the home owners. I assume most of these people put them in to make sure people don't fuck their shit up. That or spanking material.