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I kinda doubt that considering 1) I've never seen the board owner request anons post our names or aliases here. And 2) I've never been removed for not posting a name or alias. If you do this it is likely because YOU decided to.

Not only was the indian "poo in the loo" spammer also posting crab threads to slide all other news reports: it was the same spammer who posted all the propane spam threads too (remember all the king of the hill memes?). A very unique individual with a specific pattern; easy to identify him over his obsessions and the style of his posts. Not only was every topic simply identical, they were routinely posted in such a way to keep other the other news slided and hidden.

8chan suffered a great demise over this spammer and 8ch/pol/ happened to come out on top because they were the only ones who banned this spammer. Hmmmmmmm... how ironic.... ;)