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What a passive aggressive fuck :P no wonder /endpol/'s quality sucks
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Time: 11/27/2017 (Mon) 02:40:47

User doonoo closed a report for thread 3534 on board /news/ with the reason "Indian Sportsball Posting (sportsnews is rarely newsworthy except in /sp/) - t. Spaghetti-o guy"
>he thinks shitposting is newsworthy
Ok cunt, I'll just post in >>>/pol/ from now on, tyvm.

It's probably either remfam30, doonoo, or RedPillDropper, all of them were technically previous /news/ Board Owners. /news/ currently have 24 normies/non Tor IPs for 24 hours or so. Every time the spammers do anything, they do it frequently. I'm more surprised that people aren't inclined to post articles and links pertaining to The Goldwater anymore, I wonder why...but like how acidman (if it even really is him) took /ggrevolt/, in time these paid autistic shills will sneak their way in here one way or another, but that's not my problem anyways.