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Greetings, /news/. I am AdolfHitler from >>>/pol/ It's more of a tribute than a LARP What I planned when I asked for this board was only one thing: You must cross-post politics threads (dated today and after) to >>>/pol/ This is as simple as copy and paste. If the thread is pro-Israel, pro-semite or pro-Trump, don't bother crossposting.
If you have Trump news that isn't buttkissing, take it to our containment thread >>>/pol/48390 Other than that, I'm not here to change any rules. You will still have your freedom of speech here regarding topics, and I'll clean spam and determine what to do with reports. The same Volunteers will stay on unless one causes problems.
If there are any issues regarding Vols, bring it to my attention in this thread.
EDIT: Crossposting to /pol/ has been changed to Voluntary. Stop bitching.
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