Reader 11/14/2017 (Tue) 17:45:19 Id: db5e6e No. 3112 del
This is much worse than even the most hillbilly redneck areas of America where they'll at least leave homeless people alone and allow charity when available.

This should be a red flag to ALL Americans what so-called "democratic" states like California end up turning into. Uber-liberal, elitist governed hellholes that promote slave labor while outlawing the destitute lifestyles of their victims. Criminalizing everything they possibly can, regulating everything they can and solving 0% of the problems they have allowed to be created.

In other words, a third world hellhole for everyone but the very uber-rich monopolists who end up tax exempt and who own the politicians as if they were their own corporate employees. What a disaster of a State, one I will never be stepping foot in.