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I've reported on this for years back when I was allowed to post news on 8chan.

America has become a third world country, I thought you knew. Flee the cities, they are death traps and the infrastructure is no longer being maintained in most major cities. Just as bad in many rural areas and small towns too. You have to move though and start maintaining stuff yourself. Or expect everything to crumble around you. Your choice.

For example, I filter all my water. I don't trust the local governments to protect our water supplies, they won't. You have to filter it. Or distill it yourself. Or buy an atmospheric water generator and filter the extracted water. You have to maintain your own utilities, older utilities are NOT "bad"... they just need to be maintained properly... which the US government will not do for you... nor will most landlords if you are living in apartment buildings.

This country is beyond fucked, and has been for many many years. Its over. Its 100% up to you to protect yourself from now on, thats just the way it is these days.