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Well, if you're willing to learn the Polish language (do not recommend, immensely complex and full of bullshit, waste of time) and have a sizeable amount of savings, then you might enjoy it here. You'll only be able to get around Warsaw if all you know is English. No other city is as foreigner friendly.

In cities that aren't Warsaw you can get an OK apt for $20k, or rent for $150-$300 a mo depending on what you want. If you work for a few years in the US on the average salary, in theory you could comfortably live until the end of your days in a mid-sized Polish city. Granted, the average Pole who makes a living in the country has it shit, but it's a great country for western foreigners with (relatively) loads of money.

Though, you could as well move to Ukraine. The average pay there is 500 PLN/mo, so I guess that the rent and living costs in general are even cheaper there than in Poland. You might not like Ukraine though as it's basically an African country in the middle of Europe.

Other countries you guys suggested:
nope, forget it
doesn't seem like a good idea
>New Zealand
OK choice
not OK

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