Reader 10/25/2017 (Wed) 21:17:31 Id: 3480d4 No. 2711 del
NEWSFLASH: The news doesn't do shit except play catch up ball. Speaking of ball games now endy is sadly overwhlemed by the sp crowd a bunch of fucking Osama wannabe, so each and every one of those fuckers is as disgusting to me as the pony bros. News is trying to put on some glasses and look all smart but let's see how you moderate if I drop with my buddys into a few threads? Part of the fuckin problem with this issue is that white people are under assault, due to non white's being sad they have to fap to white girls all day, because that's all the pron people point cameras at because that's who matters, white folks and so do you know what kikes run porn as a channel and what their comments are? I mean really now, how fuckin ignorant do you think the news reading community is?