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This seems appropriate for your new board, since Endchan is the news of all who know what's up. But I would take issue with the chat above, because the man says in 5 years CP will be legal, and that's a bone to pick with anyone who disapproves of children being exploited. The only way that can come true is if children are placed over authority of their own body and that would in many ways destroy the family which is what a lot of you marxists fuckin nihilist pukes want. So, by supporting parents, who have nothing to do with fuckin intl imageboards, you would then support children, as Jesus would want you to do. NEWSFLASH: NYC chabad, where's your thread on that cult? The issue is one of some group who runs lawyers, telling us what will be in five years. Could be Mohammedans could be kikes both are asshole who use lawyers as beards and shields.