Reader 10/12/2017 (Thu) 15:57:55 Id: ea3cdc No. 2368 del
Did you even read the comment you replied to or is this just more America bashing non-related to the comment above?

We have corrupt politicians, and we need them out of office. If you don't vote them out, they'll stay in. Simple as that.

However, it is up to the voter to decide who they can trust. I don't trust politicians, but I do trust Steve Bannon because he is a nationalist like myself, and Bannon supports a lot of the same values I do. So that said, I will trust who he is vetting and will vote for those grassroots he supports in my state. If enough like-minded conservatives do this, we can purge the Republican Party and replace them with grassroots who are much more likely to do the things we want to see be done.

Again: if we don't vote the incumbents out we might as well not complain because we made no effort to make things any better.